Furano Villa's Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions that apply to all stays at Furano Villa. We invite you to
read though the details provided. If you have any questions, please let us know.
About these terms

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Furano Villa, its owner Flint Furano KK, or its manager, Furano365, these following terms and conditions govern all bookings and arrangements at Furano Villa by every guest, invitee, travel agent, online travel agent, booking agent, tour operator or other legal entity. The terms and conditions mentioned here are not comprehensive and should be read together with any other written terms and conditions advised to you as part of your booking confirmation provided by Furano Villa. If there is any discrepancy between these terms and the written terms separately provided by Furano Villa, its owner or manager, the latter terms shall apply.  Any terms proposed by a travel or booking agent or tour operator or other legal entity as being applicable to any booking at Furano Villa will only apply if expressly confirmed in writing by Furano Villa, its owner or manager, and Furano Villa, its owner, or manager accept no responsibility for any discrepancy. When making a booking at Furano Villa, it is the responsibility of the person, travel or booking agent, or tour operator or other legal entity making the booking, to ensure that all guests included in the booking and any invitees to Furano Villa are aware of and agree to these terms.


Rental rates quoted by Furano Villa including on our website (including taxes, security
deposits and every other charge) are for guidance purposes only and may be subject to
change.  We will provide a written quotation with current rates in response to qualified
booking enquiries received by us, including via our website. All rates quoted may also be
subject to change until confirmed in our official confirmation invoice.

Accommodation Deposit and Full Payment Policy

To confirm a booking, a non-refundable deposit equal to 20% of the total accommodation payment quoted for any booking is required to be paid upon invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing.  A booking is deemed accepted and confirmed upon payment of the deposit. Final payment is the balance of accommodation payment in full and is required 90 days prior to check-in. If the reservation falls within 90 days of check-in, however, the full accommodation payment including deposit will be due at time of reservation in order to confirm the booking.

Minimum Stay Requirement

Minimum stay requirements apply and vary according to season. In low seasons, the minimum stay requirement at Furano Villa is 3 nights. During peak seasons or periods of high demand such as over public holiday periods, this requirement may be from 5 to 7 nights.

Use of Furano Villa

The use of Furano Villa is strictly as a private holiday residence for one related group of guests per stay. The property manager and/or owner of Furano Villa has the right to evict any guest or guests and terminate any booking if breaches of contract occur. Breaches may include, amongst other things: failure to observe rules in force at the property, overcrowding, unruly intoxication, unsavoury behaviour, physical or verbal excess, wilful damage, behaviour posing a threat to others, excessive noise, use or possession of illegal substances, use of  flammable items such as chemicals, explosives and fireworks, smoking within Furano Villa, inviting unregistered guests into Furano Villa without prior written consent of the owner or manager, or any incident or occurance that results in the police attending Furano Villa. Eviction or premature termination of a booking for any of these or other reasons will be entirely at the property manager and/or owner’s discretion, and no refund or compensation will be provided.


Furano Villa is a self-catering style of accommodation, and no meals are provided unless otherwise agreed and confirmed by the manager in writing at the time of booking.  The equipment, utensils, appliances, cookware, glassware, and tableware necessary for guests to be fully self-catering throughout their stay is provided.  These items must remain in Furano Villa at all times and may not be removed from the property at any time, for any reason, even if only on a temporary basis. The automatic replacement of any item removed from Furano Villa will be required, notwithstanding that the item may be subsequently returned. If an item is part of a set and individual items in the set cannot be replaced, the full set replacement will be required. Such costs will be the responsibility of the lead guest, as well as a restocking fee (min. JPY20,000) to cover associated costs.


All furniture, furnishings, beds, bedding, fittings and other contents including TVs present in the property at check-in are included for the exclusive use of registered guests only and may be used inside Furano Villa only. No contents of any kind may be moved or removed for any reason even if subsequently restored into position. This includes moving furniture and/or other contents within Furano Villa. Extra charges may apply for any breach of these requirements, including additional cleaning, maintenance and/or damage fees.


An inventory of inclusions in Furano Villa is provided.  Our staff check this prior to every check-in and after every check-out.  Any shortfall in the inventory of inclusions at the time of check-in should immediately be brought to the manager’s attention. Thereafter the manager must be compensated by the guest for any shortfall in the inventory on check-out.  Replacement of missing items will be on a new-for-old cost basis and a restocking fee (min ¥20,000) will also apply in every instance. Replacement of sets may be required if individual components cannot be replaced.  Shipping charges, customs duties and any other cost associated with restocking will also be payable.


All necessary linen including for beds and bathrooms will be freshly provided for each stay and will be changed at the interval/s stated in the booking confirmation.  More regular linen changes or linen in addition to the standard allocations for the property will be subject to availability and additional charge.  During peak seasons, requests for more regular linen changes or additional linen may not be able to be fulfilled. Daily bath towel and bed linen changes are not provided.  Guests may not wash any linen provided in the property themselves, and additional charges may apply including for possible replacement of guest-washed linen.


Furano Villa will be completely cleaned and freshly presented at the beginning of each stay. Housekeeping services will be as detailed in the booking confirmation.  Unless otherwise agreed, daily services will be limited to removal of household rubbish from the designated collection points in the property only.  Additional housekeeping services may be requested and will be subject to availability and additional charge. A range of cleaning products, cleaning cloths, brooms and a vacuum are provided in the property for the convenience of guests.  Guests must leave the property in a tidy and orderly condition, with all dishes, cutlery, glassware and all food preparation equipment and utensils cleaned and replaced into position. Additional charges apply if extra cleaning of the property is required following check-out, including if dishes, cutlery, glassware, utensils and equipment etc are left uncleaned. (Minimum additional charge ¥20,000).


Guests must not bring rubbish to Furano Villa for disposal and only reasonable amounts of domestic rubbish can be disposed of during any stay. Rubbish disposal in excess of this quantity will be at extra charge. Rubbish sorting instructions provided at the property must be followed to comply with Furano City rubbish disposal regulations. If ignored, additional charges will apply. Hard rubbish, such as sporting equipment or other oversize items, cannot be disposed of at Furano Villa unless with the agreement of the manager and hard rubbish disposal fees will apply. The minimum extra charge in any of the above circumstances is ¥10,000.

Damage and compensation for loss

Guests are responsible for all costs required to rectify damage caused to the property and/or its contents, including fixtures, furniture and furnishings, fair wear and tear excepted. Guests will be responsible to fully compensate the owner and manager for lost business and for compensation to affected subsequent guests if damage renders the property unusable either partially or fully for any period. Damage includes the presence of odours and/or stains at check-out, including from cosmetics, colognes, perfumes, other personal fragrances, essential oils or products containing essential oils, spices, cooking materials and additives, and spills of any kind, that cannot be removed prior to check-in of subsequent guests; this is not considered to be fair wear and tear. Malodorous foods and/or other materials are precluded from being brought into the property. This exclusion includes fruits such as durian, all shellfish, notably uncooked crab and/or shrimp/prawns. Hazardous materials and equipment including cooking and heating equipment are similarly precluded from the property.

Precluded Foods

Whilst Furano Villa is fully equipped for guests to be self-catering, due to allergy and safety issues, we regret that some foods may not be brought into Furano Villa under any circumstances. This includes ALL shellfish, whether cooked or uncooked, that is still in its shells, including crab, shrimp, oysters, muscles, sea urchin, etc, as well as whole fish. Our staff are unable to handle waste generated by such foods, or to clean anything contaminated by coming into contact with such foods. If this preclusion is ignored, including by meal service contractors, a minimum charge of JPY30,000 will be automatically charged to the lead guest. Additional charges will also be charged to the lead guest for specialised cleaning of the entire kitchen and any other affected area, as well as for specialised rubbish removal by outside contractors.  Similarly, if any item, including, but not limited to, cooking utensils, crockery, cooking surfaces, air filtration components, carpets, rugs and/or other soft furnishings, or decorations are contaminated by precluded foods, all consequential costs, including replacement costs if required, will also be the responsibility of the lead guest. Please note delays in completing specialised cleaning, and/or replacement of contaminated items may arise and the costs of relocating and compensating subsequent guests, as well as the cost of Furano Villa's lost income will similarly be the responsibility of the lead guest.

No Smoking at Furano Villa

Smoking of any kind, including of pipes, cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes and other devices is not permitted anywhere inside Furano Villa, including in the property's entry area, bathrooms, toilets and beside or through open windows or doors. The Lead Guest will automatically be charged a fixed fee of JPY300,000 for contamination at the owner's discretion, to be settled via the Security Deposit pre-authorised for the stay, or by separate charge. Some vents are fitted with smoke detection sensors and if smoke or vapour is detected, smoke alarms may be activated and emergency services may be called to attend at the property. For every instance of call out, the Guest will automatically be charged a fixed fee of JPY360,000.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy

In the event of cancellation, any and all payments including deposits and balance payments are non-refundable unless otherwise stated in the booking confirmation. It is recommended that guests take out travel insurance with cancellation and other travel related expenses protection.  Cancellations must be received by us in writing. Failure to arrive for check-in on the commencement day of a booking will be deemed a 'no show' cancellation, unless prior notice of delayed check-in is provided to us in writing, and we agree to, and confirm, such revised check-in arrangements also in writing.

Bookings Affected by Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Standard payment terms at Furano Villa are non-refundable however if your booking is affected by verifiable Covid-19 travel restrictions imposed by the Japanese government or the government of your home country amounting to the closure of borders, we agree to vary our cancellation policy. This may include the offer of a credit towards a future stay or in some instances, a full refund, at our sole discretion.  Further variation to our policies at the time of booking, if any, will be confirmed by us in writing and stated in the booking confirmation we provide. Typically refunds, if applicable, will be returned to the same credit card used for the original payment and will be received within 7-10 days of processing, depending upon the procedures of the receiving financial institution. An administrative charge of up to ¥20,000 may apply to a refund payment depending upon the method of refund required.  Other fees and charges may apply to refund payments. Japanese banking procedures may result in delays in the processing of overseas cash remittances, and may even preclude some payments.

Security and Damage Deposits

Security and Damage deposits apply and guests agree to meet the requirements stipulated by the property manager in this regard.  A pre-authorised hold on a valid credit card equal to a minimum of one night’s tariff is required at check-in and this hold shall be valid for up to 21 days following check-out.  A valid credit card must be presented by the guest at check-in for the purpose of arranging the required security and damage deposits, and the guest must provide a signature authorising the manager to debit this credit card if required. In the event of damage beyond the scope of fair wear and tear being caused to the property and/or its finishes, furnishings and/or other contents, a minimum pre-emptive charge of JPY50,000 may be applied pending finalisation of the precise amount required for rectification. A minimum administration charge of JPY20,000 may also be applied to compensate the manager for time and expense incurred in arranging for the assessment and rectification of damage.

Occupancy by the Numbers

Furano Villa may not be occupied by more guests than the total number specified in your booking confirmation. No parties, weddings or large gatherings are allowed in Furano Villa without the written permission of the owner/manager. With the prior written approval of the manager, a limited number of additional persons may be invited into Furano Villa for dinner or drinks and/or to visit on single occasions but not to stay. In the case of additional visitors, additional charges including but not limited to cleaning may apply. Furano Villa caters to a maximum of 2 occupants per standard bedroom, and a maximum of 4 occupants in the property's dual sleeping zone family suite. Your booking confirmation will specify if extra guests in excess of these occupancies are permitted and are included in any booking. Additional fees apply to extra guests in excess of standard occupancy. Single occupancy of any bedroom or sleeping zone counts as standard occupancy for tariff purposes.

Tax & Service Charges

Japanese national consumption tax applies to all bookings. Rates quoted will clearly state if they are tax inclusive or exclusive. In the event of a tax rate increase between the time of booking and arrival, the additional amount of tax will be charged and must be paid at or prior to check-in.

Check-in / Check-out Times

Check-in at Furano Villa is by appointment from 4:00pm until 6:00pm on the day of arrival. Check-out times are from 8:30am until 10:00am on the day of departure, also by appointment. A check-in and check-out time appointment must be arranged in advance and will be subject to available appointment times at the time of arrangement. Check-in and check-out time appointments will have a validity of 45 minutes. Thereafter, a new appointment will be required and will be subject to availability.  In some circumstances, waiting for the attendance of check-in staff may be unavoidable.  Check-in and check-out can only be in person with Furano Villa staff in attendance, unless otherwise agreed and confirmed in writing at the time of booking. Check-in and/or check-out at times outside standard hours require prior arrangement and confirmation in writing by the manager and extra charges will apply. All guests checking-in to Furano Villa must be present at the same time to complete guest registration requirements, unless pre-registration of all guests has been completed in advance. All special arrangements for check-in or check-out will be subject to availability and may require extra payment. To afford the manager the best opportunity to meet your requirements, check-in and/or check-out appointments and/or special arrangements requests should be made as much in advance as possible.

Late Arrivals

If your check-in arrival time is delayed for any reason beyond your confirmed check-in appointment time, you must inform us via the contact number and/or email address provided to you for this purpose. Rearrangement of check-in times on the day of arrival will be subject to availability. Same day check-in after 6.00pm may not be possible. Furano Villa cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss, inconvenience, damage or disruption to plans that may arise.


Furano Villa can arrange certain services including airport transfers on your behalf, subject to availability and at prevailing rates. As Furano is in a remote location, and transportation services are in particularly high demand at times, booking of any transportation requirement should be made well in advance of the required date. Acceptance of Furano Villa's recommendations and its booking of services on behalf of a guest is entirely at the guest’s own risk, and liability for any occurrence during a transfer or other transportation service by any third-party operator will be the responsibility of the service operator and not Furano Villa's.

Passports, Visas & Health Requirements

It is essential that every guest has a correct and valid passport and/or visas and meets any health, vaccination or other conditions required for travel. Furano Villa can accept no responsibility for travel or arrival delays whatsoever.


Guests should ensure that they have insurance cover to protect for such events as medical needs, cancellations, flight delays, quarantine requirements, force majeure incidents, travel disruptions, personal liability, etc. Furano Villa accepts no responsibility in relation to these events in any regard, including for loss and/or expenses incurred.

Noise Outside the Property

Noise or disturbance outside the property is generally beyond the control of the property manager. During winter, equipment used to perform urgent or programmed road clearing and other snow removal may cause occasional unavoidable disturbance.

Excursions and Tours

Furano Villa may assist with the arranging and booking of excursions and/or other tours, at the manager’s discretion and subject to availability, and/or its advice and recommendations may be requested .  Acceptance of the provision of booking services, advice and recommendations is entirely at the guest’s own risk.  Liability for any occurrence during an excursion or tour will be the responsibility of the operator and not Furano Villa.


Whilst Furano Villa and the property manager carefully monitor all of the information provided by them, including on the Furano Villa website, they are not responsible for any errors or omissions. Guests are responsible for verifying all information upon which they intend to rely. The details shown on the website and elsewhere, including any pictures or images, are for reference purposes only. Exact rates depend upon the number of guests, length of stay and arrival date. Special offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. Additional restrictions may apply. All information is subject to change without notice.

Responsibility for Loss, Damage, Injury, etc.

Flint Furano KK, Furano 365 and/or Furano Villa assume no responsibility for any loss or damage, nor liability for injury, accident, delay or irregularity which may be caused either by us or by the acts of our employees, agents or assigns. If Furano Villa is forced to permanently cancel a booking for any reason, reasonable efforts will be made to offer another property of equivalent standard, up to the price paid for the cancelled booking. If the price is higher, the client may be required to pay the difference. If no suitable alternative is available, any refund and/or compensation will be at the sole discretion of Flint Furano KK, owner of Furano Villa.

No Shoes Policy and use of Equipment including Baby Strollers

All footwear must be removed upon entering Furano Villa and is to be stored in the designated entry area only and not inside guest rooms or in any other areas inside the property. All other items used outdoors that come in contact with the ground, including bicycles, wheeled toys, skateboards etc., baby strollers, assisted walking frames and/or wheelchairs, may not be used inside Furano Villa. All sporting equipment is to be stored in the equipment storage room provided only and no repairs or maintenance to sporting equipment is to be performed inside the property.  Additional cleaning charges will be applied at the discretion of Furano Villa and liquidated damages and/or compensation will also apply in the event that Furano Villa’s normal business is disrupted by the need to repair damage or perform additional cleaning due to the unauthorised acts or use of such items and/or equipment in contravention of these requirements.

Pets Not Allowed

Pets or animals are not allowed at or in Furano Villa.


In the unlikely event of complaint, guests should immediately notify Furano Villa staff and allow the property manager the opportunity to promptly resolve any issue to the best of its ability and to the guest’s satisfaction.

Cancellation or Interruption of Bookings

Furano Villa, its owner and its manager can accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, disruption or cancellation of your booking, even if due to unforeseeable and/or unpreventable occurrences, including war, riots, civil strife, foreign interference, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, epidemics, pandemics, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or water incidents, and/or all other similar events beyond our control. Guests are responsible to ensure that they have adequate travel insurance to meet any need in this and every other adverse holiday travel situation, occurrence or event.

Covid-19 Protocols

Guests are responsible for ensuring that they comply with all protocols in force at Furano Villa as designated or required by Furano Villa and/ or the appropriate local health or government authority.  Covid-19 protocols and policies are changing on a regular basis.  We strongly advise guests to arrange travel insurance that covers Covid-19 situations.

Special Circumstances, Special Needs

Guests are required to bring any special circumstances, including special needs to the attention of Furano Villa and its manager in advance of having their booking confirmed. Furano Villa shall be entitled to determine at its sole discretion whether it is able to accept bookings that include such special circumstances or special needs. If such special circumstances or special needs are only brought to Furano Villa’s attention at a later date, it is possible that the booking may be cancelled without refund or compensation.

Website Content

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our website. Please confirm any details with us, especially if they will in any way affect your accommodation choice decision/s. We accept no responsibility for errors, omissions, or discrepancies.