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Furano Villa is the ideal accommodation choice in Furano for groups of up to 16 travelling to Furano, and we look forward to welcoming you soon! In case you have a question, we've provided some answers here that we hope will be helpful.

Furano Villa's frequently asked questions

If your question is not one that’s answered here, please don’t hesitate to email us with details.
Rates | Are Furano Villa's rates per person or for the entire Villa

Our rates are quoted for the entire villa, based on 3 main occupancy bands: 'Standard' for up to 14 guests, 'Standard Extra' up to16 guests, & 'Full House' for up to 18 guests. Fewer guests than the property’s base 'Standard' occupancy band for ‘up to 14 guests’ may stay at Furano Villa but a reduction in rates may not be available, depending upon the season. Each occupancy band is based on the total number of guests, aged from 0 years and above.

Maximum Guest Numbers | Can we exceed the maximum stated occupancy of Furano Villa?

Furano Villa is licensed to accommodate a maximum of 16 guests aged from 1yr and above.  A maximum of 2 extra guests may be added to this maximum occupancy as follows: 1 or 2 infants aged 0-1yr only.  The maximum number of guests permitted for your booking will be stated on your booking confirmation and this occupancy limit may not be exceeded at any time unless with the written permission of the manager. 

Children | Are children allowed at Furano Villa?

Furano Villa is a family-friendly property and we welcome groups travelling with children.  Baby cots and high chairs (maximum 2 of each, subject to availability) may be requested in advance for infants (children 0 -1 years) and must be confirmed at the time of booking. Child safety equipment is not provided.  Guests are responsible for the behaviour and safety of children in their group, and for any damage is caused either in or around Furano Villa.

Minimum Stay Requirement | What is the required length of stay?

Our minimum stay in all seasons is 3 nights. High seasons, especially in July and over Christmas/New Year and Lunar New Year, may require longer stays of between 5 – 7 nights. If there are shorter openings in our booking calendar, shorter stays may be available.

High Season | When do seasonal rates change?

Winter high season in Furano is from late-December and through January and February. Our summer high season months are July and early August.  The highest demand dates in our seasonal calendar, and therefore when our highest rates apply, are Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year. Lavender festival dates at the end of July are also peak dates. Shoulder and low season rates apply at other times of the year. We strongly recommend that you book as far in advance as possible, especially for stays planned during high seasons or over peak demand public holiday periods.

Hotel or Condo-Hotel vs Furano Villa | How does Furano Villa compare?

At Furano Villa, unlike at a hotel or condominium hotel, you and your friends, family or colleagues will have exclusive use of the entire property, with no requirement to share any space with others. Your holiday stay is sure to be much more relaxing, as well as secure, as a result. Furano Villa is also priced for the entire property and our nightly rates on a per person basis offer great value compared to booking several rooms at a hotel or condominium hotel. There is the added convenience at Furano Villa too, of being able to prepare the meals or snacks you want, when you want them; your options and availability will not be restricted.

Included Staffing | Does Furano Villa have full-time staff onsite?

Furano Villa has been designed to maximise the privacy of staying guests and is managed offsite with our staff attending daily to perform check-in and check-out services as required, and to perform the housekeeping services detailed in your booking confirmation.  Additional services may be requested and will be confirmed with you subject to availability and possible extra charge. Help is only ever a phone call away should you need assistance at any time during your stay. Our hospitality management team, Furano's highest rated, is dedicated to serving our guests and to ensuring your comfort, enjoyment and well-being.

Meals | Are any meals included in Furano Villa's nightly tariff?

Furano Villa is a fully self-catering accommodation, and we do not provide breakfasts or any other meals. The property has its own large, commercial-style kitchen that is fully equipped and provides maximum flexibility to guests for individual or group meal preparation. Furano Villa’s dining area is also very well appointed, with ample seating, and all glassware and tableware provided. Meal delivery services are available in Furano and information regarding these options is provided. There are also several restaurants, bars and cafes nearby, including just across the road and around the corner. Furano's township also offers many dining options.

Supermarkets | Are there supermarkets near Furano Villa? 

Yes! Furano township is served by 3 main supermarkets, that have large fresh and frozen foods sections, as well as a comprehensive selection of other products, including some international products and/or international product alternatives. The closest of these is situated just 1.7 kms or a 5 minutes drive from Furano Villa. There is also a discount supermarket in the township. Even closer at hand in the ski village itself, within very easy walking distance, there are 3 convenience stores, each with basic fresh grocery sections, as well as international ATM facilities. 

Restaurants & Bars| Are there places to eat and drink near Furano Villa?

Furano Villa is surrounded by several good quality restaurants and bars offering both Japanese and Western-style foods. Japanese and Western fast-food options such as ramen, gyoza and pizza are also available within easy walking distance of the property.

Washing| Does Furano Villa have a laundry room?

A unique feature of Furano Villa is that every bedroom has its own private bathroom that includes a large washer/dryer. Laundry detergent is also provided for your convenience. So not only will there be no need to queue for the shower at Furano Villa, you won't need to queue to do your laundry either! Reasonably priced dry-cleaning services are available in Furano, however, longer turnaround times than you are used to at home may be required.

Bathroom Amenities| Are bathroom amenities provided?

Hand and body soap as well as conditioning shampoo is provided in each bathroom. Please travel with any other bathroom amenities that you may require, including your toothbrush!

Linen| Is linen provided?

Yes, all bed linen and bath towels are provided and will be changed at the interval/s stated in your booking confirmation. Extra linen, including changes to provided linen other than at our standard scheduled linen-change intervals, may be requested and will be supplied subject to availability and at extra charge.

Housekeeping| Is daily housekeeping provided?

Our staff will attend daily at Furano Villa to remove rubbish that has been placed in designated rubbish collection bins. Other housekeeping services will be as stated in your booking confirmation. Requests for additional services made during your stay will be subject to availability and extra charge. For the added convenience of guests, a range of cleaning products, as well as brooms and a vacuum cleaner, are provided in the property. 

Parking| Is there parking at Furano Villa?

Yes, there are 6 private car-parking spaces on-site at Furano Villa, directly outside the front door. These parking spaces are kept free of snow during winter. On-site parking is free.

Transfers and Tours| Can you help us organise airport transfers, car hire, tours and/or excursions?

We have preferred service providers that offer private airport transfers, excursions, and tours, including ski, snowboard, and snow-shoe tours.  Car hire is also available locally in Furano, or at the airport when you arrive in Hokkaido. 

Lessons, Equipment Hire & Lift Tickets | Do you provide ski lessons & ski hire or arrange lift tickets?

We will be pleased to recommend vendors of ski lesson and ski hire services but we do not provide these services ourselves. Lift tickets can be purchased at the base of the ski lifts on a daily or multi-day basis. Please note that multi-day tickets may be priced at the daily rate x the number of days required/offered, with no discount. Multi-day tickets may therefore only avoid the need to queue for tickets each day. Online purchase promotions for ski lift tickets are sometimes offered and typically we monitor these and will provide details to booked guests. You might like to know that Furano’s Tourism Office in conjunction with Furano Ski Area, offers a ski hosting service that is complimentary and provides an introduction to Furano Resort. We will be pleased to assist you with a booking.

Farm Tomita | How far is Farm Tomita from Furano Villa

A short, picturesque drive of approximately 15 minutes, along local country roads at the foot of Mt. Furano Nishidake, leads to Furano's postcard famous Farm Tomita and its expansive fields of lavender and other colourful flower varieties. The beauty and fragrant aroma of 'Furano Blue' lavender can also be enjoyed right outside your own front door at Furano Villa! We have planted this famous local variety of lavender across the entire front of the property for this purpose.

Backcountry Access| We've heard about Furano's great off-piste skiing, can we access backcountry areas from Furano Resort?

Furano offers some of the best back-country skiing in Hokkaido and much of it can be lift-accessed via a network of gates that will take you out of bounds of the resort. Hiking and specialty ski equipment is not necessarily required for access, but safety equipment that includes a beacon must be carried. Registering your plans with the Ski Patrol on the day you intend to go out of bounds is also required. Guided tours of these areas are also available on a 1/2 or full day basis and unless you are suitably experienced and are not skiing alone, we recommend that you only access these areas in the company of a qualified guide. We will be pleased to make recommendations.

Equipment Storage| Is there secure equipment storage at Furano Villa?

Furano Villa has an equipment storage room immediately inside its video-monitored main entry. There is also an area where boot drying equipment is provided. Sporting equipment may not be brought into the main areas of Furano Villa, including into individual rooms; this rule applies equally to ski boots and any other type of outdoor footwear or equipment used outdoors.

Shoes| Can we wear shoes inside Furano Villa?

No! Japanese tradition dictates the removal of all outdoor footwear at the front door and we request the strict cooperation of all guests, including all children, to remove their outdoor footwear accordingly. A large area with ample seating is provided immediately inside the entry to Furano Villa for removal of all footwear. Outdoor footwear is also not to be carried into or stored in guest rooms. Extra cleaning fees apply automatically if shoes are worn or carried inside the accommodation, and damage caused to floor areas will be charged for too. Please note that winter ice spikes for footwear, if used, must be removed before reaching the front steps of the property. Footwear with spiked soles must not be worn past the front concrete steps of the property. The cost of repairing or replacing flooring and/or steps damaged by ice spikes will be charged.

Medical & Related Services| What happens if a group member needs to see a doctor?

Medical services are provided via specialty clinics, or via one of the two local hospitals, one of which offers emergency services with some English language support. During COVID-19, some medical services may be subject to restrictions. Doctors do not consult on an individual practice basis as they do in many other countries, so you may be directed to an ‘internal’ or ‘external’ medicine clinic depending upon the symptoms, or to a specialty eye, skin, orthopaedic or dental clinic accordingly.  Medical, dental and related services are more reasonably priced than in many other countries and you will be required to pay for each service at the time of consultation. Physiotherapy services and/or deep-tissue sports massage services are not commonly available. Chiropractic and osteopathy services are available however, and so too are relaxation massage and Shiatsu massage services, the latter also available on a ‘call-out’ basis. There are several pharmacies/drugstores in Furano that sell over-the-counter medications and even items such as contact lens. Prescription medications are dispensed with a local doctor’s prescription and at a specialty prescription supplies pharmacy only. We will be pleased to assist with further information.

Deposits & Refunds| What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

Payment of a 20% accommodation deposit is required at the time of reservation confirmation and to confirm your booking. Your balance payment is then due a minimum of 90 days prior to check-in. Bookings made within 90 days of check-in, require full payment at the time of booking.  Unless otherwise stated in your booking confirmation, all payments, once made, are non-refundable. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details, including for details of our policy for bookings affected by COVID-19 related border closures and travel restrictions.

Security Deposits| Is a security deposit required?

Yes, a security deposit on your credit card is required at check-in as a contingency against damage during your stay.  Our deposit policy is detailed in our Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is provided to you prior to booking. Deposits on credit cards are released within 7 business days of check-out.

Insurance| Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover any penalties you may incur should you need to change or cancel your booking. Cover against hospital and/or other medical services being required during your stay is also recommended.

Security| What security is provided?

Furano is renowned for its safety and friendliness, but we recommend that you are always vigilant, as you should be whenever you travel. Furano Villa has monitored, keyless entry via its main entry door, and entry codes are changed after each guest’s stay. Individual room safes are provided for the added convenience of guests. 

Heating & Cooling| Is Furano Villa airconditioned?

All rooms at Furano Villa are individually air-conditioned and heated for year-round guest comfort, as well as to provide for maximum personal flexibility. All rooms have openable windows and there are fresh air ventilation ports throughout the property to permit the regular exchange of air with the outside. Instructions for operation of all heating and cooling equipment are provided.

Hot Water| Will all guests share the same hot water service?

Hot water at Furano Villa is instant and constant-flow and is supplied to each room independently. You should never run out of hot water!

Non-Registered Guests| Can we invite others to visit us at Furano Villa and use the facilities?

Only the guests registered with the property manager as being included in your booking may occupy and use the facilities of Furano Villa at any time. With the prior written approval of the property manager, a limited number of additional guests may be invited to Furano Villa for a dinner or drinks or for a similar social occasion of limited duration. Extra charges may apply as only use and reasonable wear and tear by registered guests is included in your nightly tariff. Parties and/or other similar gatherings are not allowed at Furano Villa. Unregistered guests are strictly precluded from staying overnight at Furano Villa. 

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